Speckled Trout, Red Fish, & Flounder…

Fishing Tom’s Guide Service

Fishing Tom's Guide Service offers the best and most professional Speckled Trout, Redfish, & Flounder saltwater fishing in Louisiana. We want all of you to come down and enjoy the Saltwater fishing like it should be down here in Louisiana. Our fishing trips take place in the Calcasieu Estuary, which includes the Calcasieu River, Lake Calcasieu, Black Lake and the Ship Channel to the Gulf of Mexico. Get ready to Load the Boat and Book your Trip today! Check out this Video of Captain Tom in action.

Family Fun Fishing

Great family fishing fun with Matias, Melissa  and family. The Hackberry halibut were feeding today on the Big Lake. (click on pic to enlarge)

Limited On Reds

Captain Tommy led Todd and Robert to the Redfish, then they went to work. They had their limit of Lake Calcasieu Bronze Beauties by 8 am.

Red Hot Action

Bill came down to experience Louisiana Red fishing at its finest. He quickly limited on Redfish then caught and released many more.

Limited on Redfish!

Wayne, Gabriel, and Caleb tore the fish up on this breezy February day. The guys caught their limit of Redfish, a nice mess of Flounder, and came back with a cooler full of fish. Smiles all the way around.

Bow fishing Fun.

Our first, of what I’m sure will be many, Bow Fishing adventures was a hug success. Kendale, Keith, Dean, Robyne and Thomas had a blast with lots of shots, lots of fish, and lots of fun.



Redfish Limits

Great day of saltwater fishing with Brad and Ronnie on Lake Calcasieu, Limits of Redfish and a few flounder.