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Fishing Tom's Guide Service offers the best and most professional Speckled Trout, Redfish, & Flounder saltwater fishing in Louisiana. We want all of you to come down and enjoy the Saltwater fishing like it should be down here in Louisiana. Our fishing trips take place in the Calcasieu Estuary, which includes the Calcasieu River, Lake Calcasieu, Black Lake and the Ship Channel to the Gulf of Mexico. Get ready to Load the Boat and Book your Trip today!Check out this Video of Captain Tom in action.

Archive for November, 2008

November 25,2008 Howard L & Brother Edward, Friends Curt & Fred Limit by 9:30!!!!


Take It To the Limit (On Big Lake) One More Time!!!!!
Tuesday , November 25, 2008 Another great Limit By 9:30 Am.
Howard L of Houston (5th trip in 2 months) and his brother Edward L. & friends Curt and Fred Filled the cooler so fast I broke a sweat at 44* this morning. Gulp under a cork had fish flying in the boat and then we headed to the marsh for a few flounder & Reds.CALL ME before it ends at 318-675-9114 to get a limit for you TOO!!!!!! Captain Tom www.fishingtom.net

November 23,2008 Howard L. Makes 4th Trip In 2 months


Just One More FANTASTIC Day On Big Lake!!!!
Howard L.and his wife May & friends Kua and Fred had their best day of fishing ever with Captain Tom today! Limits by 9:40 and off to the marsh for some reds & flounder. It was so good they’re comming back Tuesday!!!! Gulp Under a cork filled the cooler with nice trout. If you want to fill the freezer with nice filets call me at 318-675-9114. www.fishingtom.net

November 22, 2008 Stanley, Jack & Warren Find The Big Ones!!!!!!


November 22, 2008 Stanley H and friends Jack & Warren put the hurt on Big Trout on Lake Calcasieu! Warren had the hot rod with Curley tail gulp, but soon Stanley & Jack were on his heels and together we had an Incredible Limit at 9:45 Am

November 20, 2008 Larry, Terry and Don Limit at 9:39 Am!!!!


November 20,2008 Larry, Terry, and Don have a great Day with 60 Trout by 9:30AM and 5 Nice Reds and 1 Flounder. Gulp Under a cork caught most of the Trout and 3″ Gulp Shrimp Natural caught the Reds.

November 19,2008 Walley C. & Friends Chandler Sr. & Jr Catch a Limit!!!!!!


November 19,2008 Walley C of Houston Makes his 3rd trip This year to Big Lake and it was his best! He brought his friends Chandler Sr & Son Jr. They said it was their best trip ever and they wiil be back soon! Walley led the way with big Trout of 21″ and several 19’s. But everyone caught their Limit!

November 18,2008 John G of Shreveport Makes second Trip & Fills the Cooler


20mph Winds Can’t slow Calcasieu Bite!!!!!
Just another day of nice Limits on Lake Calcasieu for John G. of Shreveport Along with his son & fishing partner. Gulp under a cork along with the wind let us cast 100 yards or so it seemed to the hungry trout under the birds. We also managed a few nice reds and one lonely Flounder. This is the best bite I’ve seen this year so come on down and catch a bunch!!!!!!!! Captain Tom 318-675-9114 www.fishingtom.net